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Ms. Bethany Bright @ The Assistant 2015 is an expert at growing and expanding new small businesses. To be treated as an expert, one must display themselves as one. Ms. Bright knew this and contacted us to re-design her website. She had created her website on Weebly and decided it was time for a professional design that would vouch for her expertise.

Ms. Bright wanted a professional, clean website that would relay her services and invoke response for small businesses. Small business is our specialty @ My Website Created – this project fit right in.

The Development Process:

We first looked over Ms. Bright’s former website. All her content was present on her site, that was a plus, and crucial to expediting the development process. Upon reviewing her site, our first goal was to streamline her message – make it sharper and clearer. Within seconds of a visit, her clients needed to understand who she was, and the services she provided.

Ms. Bright’s previous site was hosted on Weebly, and had a .weebly extension on her domain name (Weebly != professional). That last bit was an inside coding joke. Ms. Bright understood that to portray herself as the expert she was she would need a new standalone domain name without a third-party extension. She decided to buy her new domain name with us, MyWebsiteCreated. Purchasing her domain name with us allowed us to begin development as soon as the order was completed.

First, we transferred and published all Ms. Bright’s previous content. Then we got to the designing. We designed the website to Ms. Bright’s target audience – small businesses in the Northern Virginia area.

bethany bright small business web design Ms. Bethany’s new website met all the goals we defined for it. Her business service is clearly and presented. Bethany’s website features an integrated payment button, allowing her customers to pay her in person or online.

What Ms. Bright had to say:

Thank you! I love the website that My Website Created has created for my business! I started a free website but desperately needed insight and help. But what My Website Created did, went above and beyond my expectations!

My website now looks professional and gets great feedback from potential clients! It is definitely far beyond what I could have accomplished with my previous website. And for the monthly cost of maintenance and professional assistance, they offer a fantastic deal! I recommend My Website Created to business owners who need a professional and functional website that will attract attention.

Bethany Bright
The Assistant


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