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Mr. Alan @ Personal Case Design works with a parent company in Russia to deliver custom phone cases the proceeds of which, goes to the Kiev orphanage in Russia. Mr. Alan found us via craigslist submitted his info on our get-started page and waited for our phone call.

The Development Process:

Mr. Alan did not have a website up and so the first step was finding the right domain name. He had some ideas, of which we refined to “”. First step finished. After signing up for a MyWebsiteCreated hosting plan, the next step was development.

Mr. Alan wanted to be able to take orders on his website and so this definitely required eCommerce functionality. What made this project unique though, was that the customers had to be able to customize their phone cases. They had to be able to upload the images they wanted, customize the case to their liking and preview a finish on a mockup phone. Furthermore, Mr. Alan had to be able to see the finished product, uploaded images and all in his back-end. Mr. Alan also wanted to charge shipping and tax rates based on the buyer’s location. Interesting project.

The added functionality of this project required some heavy lifting. Still, we nailed the design, features and created both a user and backend-friendly website.


What Mr. Alan had to say:

I would like to thank Eugene and his Team for their expert and speedy service to get our e-commerce website developed and operational.

We are excited about this new business line and look forward to the website drawing much new business to our mission and cause. I would highly recommend the Team to any new businesses needing a quality website to be built.

Alan Swain

Personal Case Design


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