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Reading Solutions 21

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Ms. Anna Safi @ Reading Solutions 21 is a reading tutor who came over to My Website Created from Vista Print. She already had a website in place when she found My Website Created but wanted a something that was more flexible and capable. Ms. Anna also admitted that she highly valued personalized support, all of which VP lacked. We spoke a little regarding her needs and goals and happily accepted the project at hand.

The Development Process:

The first thing we did with Ms. Anna’s website is perform a full back-up. Because Ms. Anna was coming over from VP, we had to ensure that all her web content was fully backed up before proceeding. After doing so, we gave her the go-ahead to register her new Hosting account at My Website Created and we began the web transfer process.

As soon as the website was transfer was complete we re-published all the old content and began adding new content also. We wanted to ensure that we improved her website in every aspect as this project entailed a web redesign.anna safi business website

We designed her website to cater to parents seeking tutoring services for their children. We placed all of Ms. Anna’s major services on the homepage accompanied with bright images so visitors seeking those services would quickly recognize and click them – optimizing websites for business demands that visitors are able quickly find the information they are seeking without search, this we insured of Reading Solutions 21.

reading solutions 21 my website created

Because Ms. Anna deals mostly with children, we wanted to make her website fun, we utilized a lot of colorful images to really bring the website to life. We also integrated a blog into Ms. Anna’s website to allow her to educate her prospects and customers. The integrated blog on Reading Solutions 21 allows the website to stand as an authority on the subject, which in turn promotes credibility which makes client acquisition 100% easier.

What Ms. Anna had to say:

I was having a good deal of trouble with my existing website, when I discovered My Website Created. Initially, I did not know what to expect. The transfer of the old site went smoothly and development of the new website was extremely efficient.

What’s more, the designer was creative, knowledgeable, and highly professional. Eugene has been an absolutely delightful person to work with. If you are considering engaging the services of My Website Created, give them a try. I’m quite sure you will be more than pleased.
Anna Safi

Reading Solutions 21


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  1. Anna Safi

    I am much happier with this new website that has been developed by MyWebsiteCreated. It is still a work in progress and Eugene has provided lots of suggestions for making the site more interactive. A current goal is to get a blog up and running. Blogging about issues that parents and educators are concerned about, such as, reading challenges and learning disabilities would be great. As well, I hope to provide a forum where parents can weigh in on issues and questions. One such question that I am frequently asked is, “Should I allow my child to listen to audio books instead of reading the actual book?” In a similar vein, parents often question the validity of reading books on kindles or other digital devices. Blogging would be a wonderful way to open up the debate and share experiences.
    I have found the developers at MyWebsiteCreated to be creative and open to providing critique and suggestions for an even better site.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts. Anna

    • Mr. Eugene

      Ms. Anna, I appreciate the comment, glad you’re enjoying the website.

      Definitely utilize the blog, it’s a powerful, powerful tool – you’ll be educating your clients and prospects which builds trust (people buy from those they trust) while establishing you as an authority on the subject.

      Not only so but it comes with a lot of SEO benefits too. Read about it here: SEO 101 – What is Search Engine Optimization and How does it Work?

      Wishing you much success Ms. Anna!


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