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Ms. Rachael Blessing @ Rachael Blessing Photography had a website in place before finding My Website Created, yet what Rachael had in place was a blog – she was looking to take it up to the next level. She saw one of our adverts on Facebook and responded, in her own words “best decision ever.

I have to admit that working on Rachael’s website was quite fun, the fact that she’s a photographer allowed us to work with an amazing pool of images. This is what made this project so enjoyable.

The Web Development Process

We wanted Rachael’s website to be unique, she’s a photographer, so we wanted to build something that would be very image based, something that would showcase her work on every page. One requirement Rachael had was complete social media integration, because she deals with images, having the ability to share on social platforms does her a lot of good, this we completely agreed with and encouraged.

Each page on Rachael’s website features a full image background, each background differing from the other and emphasizes the purpose of the page. This also keeps her website visitors curious and clicking (I know it did me). Because Rachael had a website already set up, content for the new website was already provided.

Since completing Rachael’s website, she has become a partner at My Website Created. We love her work and refer our clients to her.


This is what Rachael had to say:

“Exceeded All of my Expectations…”

Eugene at My Website Created was absolutely awesome. I was skeptical at first as to how good things would go considering I was responding based on something I saw on Facebook. Through telephone and email communication I decided to go ahead and it was the best decision ever.

Eugene exceeded all of my expectations, he has been incredibly patient and worked to make sure my site is exactly what I want and has given wonderful suggestions and guidance I may not have thought of myself. Not only does it look beautiful but it is streamlined and easy to use and integrated into all my connected social media sites.

Rachael Blessing

Rachael Blessing Photography


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  1. Rachael Blessing

    Thank you so much for the feature! I adore my new site and you guys have been fabulous to work with. I am always looking to expand my reach and this really helped me expand my client base.

    Rachael Blessing

    • Mr. Eugene

      Rachael! Thank you for the kind words – I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your new website.

      Wishing you much success!

  2. jamiah mona rowe

    im here for designing and making my one and only business website, im happy to get started


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