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Ms. Shenice Drakeford @ The Serenity Collection specializes in Jewelry and Fashion and came to My Website Created seeking to have a eCommerce website created for her small business. For her, the eCommerce website would act as a one-stop-destination for all her products, rather than sending products to potential customers individually, she could send them over to her website.

Shenice wanted to automate certain aspects of her business and expand, The Serenity Collection would also give her another way to collect money from her customers. We accepted this project with open arms.

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The Web Development Process

The Serenity Collection’s website had to do two things. It had to be visually appealing, and it had to sell. The nature of the website being created allowed us to utilized a lot of images, and so we did. We promoted company branding by blowing up the logo and displaying it in multiple places. The idea behind buildings sites like Shenice’s is brand identity, making something that web visitors will remember and hopefully recognize.

The next thing we wanted to do is outfit Shenice with her own subscribers’ list. We wanted her to build a list of subscribers that she would be able to turn into customers.

We created a page on her website solely dedicated to conversions, converting plain visitors into subscribers. The thing with eCommerce is that prospects don’t always buy the first time around, but after relationship building through emails and social media subscribers warm up and open up to buying.

Here is What Shenice had to Say:

It has been a pleasure working with Eugene over the last few weeks. He is very patient and listens very carefully. I have already referred 2 people to him because I was so satisfied with his work. My site was very complex to create considering it was a ecommerce site and Eugene worked diligently to complete it.

I don’t mind referring him to anyone and will definitely be working with him in the future. Truly,
Shenice Drakeford

The Serenity Collection

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