When it comes to the online world, we don’t have the ability to communicate our business or services to every web visitor face-to-face. Yet that’s the beauty of it, you can be fast asleep and your website will continue working on your behalf – informing, persuading, and accepting payments. It’s an incredible asset to business, yet it must be optimized to function at its best.

A visitor will leave if they can’t find the information they are after, or if they don’t feel compelled to act on your offer. It’s one mouse click, and as a webmaster you have no power to regain that visitor. That’s the purpose of Business Optimization, your website must be optimized to make the most of each web visitor. Well-structured content and powerful headlines is one part of the equation, perceived authority and service/product value is another.


Business optimization takes place in three main areas- website attraction, visitor retention, and conversions. In other words, your website should be visually impressive and demand respect via expertise displayed through web content. If a website shows expertise – then it is trusted, and a trusted website is one that prospects buy from. If your goal is simply to have prospects contact you, conversions sky rocket simply because your website displays credibility.

You see… there is a science to it all. People buy or engage services from trusted and authoritative sources. When we say website attraction, we mean your website has to pull people in. Have you ever found a website that sold an item you needed, at a great price, yet you hesitated to buy? Would the same hesitation have persisted if the item was listed on Amazon? Of course not! Trust and credibility is huge, and is key to building a website that attracts. Social media is one element we use at My Website Created, not directly as a marketing tool, but as a support in building trust.

Let me explain – so now you find another website that sells an item you can’t find anywhere else – still you’re hesitant, you do a little searching and discover that the company has an active Facebook page, YouTube channel, and a decorated Pinterest profile. All of a sudden you pull the trigger and buy. What just happened? The trust you have for those familiar names leveraged into the newly discovered website. It happens all the time.

Retention and conversions are a result of strategic content placement. Elements above the fold receive the most attentive views, so that is where we place business contact details – in order to generate maximum exposure. Reading has accustomed our eyes to be naturally drawn to the right side of a page, so we publish strong call-to-actions that compel clicks.

Credibility, authority, visitor retention, and conversions. Everything we do to optimize for business furthers two simple goals. Your website must be an authority in its field, and the content found on the website must be strategically placed to generate the largest amount of conversions possible.