Regardless of website or company size, hacking attempts are very real and every website should proactively be defended. At My Website Created we are actively hardening our clients website security. Today, in an effort to better improve our service, we are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our website backup and restoration capabilities to allow for more effective and frequent website backups. These upgrades will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

The Reasons

As most of our clientele are business owners, this upgrade was made to add another layer of security to our service and insure that client websites can be quickly restored in the case of mishaps.

Hacking attempts are very real, and we have stopped thousands already.

These upgrades will now allow for daily website backups which will be stored on remote servers while keeping 30 rotating full copies of each website.

The upgraded backup and restoration service is an additional $10 per month to hosting/support fees. Please note that this upgrade is completely optional, yet we strongly urge all our clients to add it to their plans as it is a definite way to insure websites can be fully operational within a short time in the event of any mishap.

These upgrades will be automatically initiated by our system on client websites. Though not recommended, if you choose to ignore the upgrades send us an email at to let us know.

Please also note that server upgrades will be taking place in the coming weeks to allow faster web speed and for the integration of the backup and restoration upgrade. They should not interrupt service but you may notice slight increase in web loading time when the upgrades are ongoing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What features are included? Daily Backups of website content, images, and databases. 30-day revolving Backup Archive.

When will these upgrades be rolled out? The backup and restoration upgrades will be applied to each website and account when regular hosting invoices are paid.

Where are the website backups stored? The website backups are store on a remote server to prevent cross contamination in the case of a malicious attack.

What will I have to do? There is nothing needed for our clients to do. Once payment has been received for the backup and restoration, our team will handle everything.

Long term contract or commitments? No, you may cancel the backup and restoration service at anytime.