eCommerce websites are popular as they are a direct way to profit from a business website. Unfortunately, many business owners approach them the wrong way. They are not stand alone websites, meaning your brand new eCommerce website should not be the only way to sell your products or services.

eCommerce will not be your #1 income stream, at first

An eCommerce website should be an alternative means to generate revenue. As a business owner that’s how you should see it. In other words keep doing what you do and let your ecommerce website supplement business functions.

Your customers on the other hand should see the eCommerce website as a more convenient way to purchase goods or products from you. With time, older clients will use the ecommerce while most prospects will prefer to engage traditionally.

The most successful eCommerce websites are owned by businesses that sell without previous eCommerce functionality. The reason for this is simply, after eCommerce functionality is integrated, the business does not have to rely on it to make sales.

The difficulty with eCommerce

We’ve built many eCommerce websites over the years, the hardest thing to build into an eCommerce website is Authority and Credibility. Building an ecommerce is not the problem, establishing the credibility for others to pay you using your ecommerce website is the mountain. For that reason we consult with every client and let them understand that an ecommerce website is not meant to stand alone. It should not be your only means to sell. An ecommerce website performs a lot better if it is built to give current customers another means to pay for goods or services.