Month after month you pay around $90 to remain connected to the internet. Close, yes? It’s great and all – but the question is: Is this money being wasted or invested?

You don’t have to be a business major to understand the concept, we spend an average of 1,080 a year to be connected to the world wide web. Is this money being invested or wasted? $1,080 has some weight to it. It could be invested very well and yield some very nice returns.

Truth is – If you’re not taking advantage of your internet access, you ARE losing money.

Sure, the web offers a lot of entertainment- yet it also offers many great financial opportunities. If you are not taking advantage of these financial opportunities you are leaving money on the table.

Every new venture, tool, or path presents many fresh opportunities. Around 1995 internet use became main stream (because the internet is a powerful tool!). Which brings me to ask; Are you taking advantage of your Internet Access?

A popular site we may all know – Google, made 29.3 billion in 2010, and $37.9 billion in revenue in 2011. Forget millions, that’s billions in profit. We can confidently infer that their earnings are only increasing and progressing year by year and as the online world continues to expand and develop.

Online web stores such as Amazon are in position to overthrow brick and mortar stores. As a matter of fact; Amazon (online store) has taken over the ‘Book’ industry which first belonged to Barns & Noble (brick and mortar). Netflix, which is based online has and is out competing Blockbuster (another brick and mortar based business), I’m sure you’ve noticed. If you’ve heard, Amazon will be opening physical stores soon – it’s able to do so because they have dominated the online world.

I’m not saying that brick and mortar businesses are no longer profitable (they are), but let’s face it; There’s a ton of money to be made online, and if you’re not tapping into this gold mind, frankly, you are losing money. Which leads me to ask again…

Are you taking advantage of your Internet Access?

Even in the recent economic times, the wealth built and made online continued to grow. Isn’t it about time you join in? A challenge to all who read this: Use your Internet Connection to pay for your re-occurring service bill and have $10 left over.