The number one purpose of your small business website is to increase your online sales, bookings, or conversions. In order for your website to engage your ideal your prospects, it must be trustworthy. People only buy from those they trust. A blog is an excellent tool that builds trust by informing, educating, and showcasing your expertise. Your blog should educate your prospects. If someone is willing to learn from you, they naturally trust your opinion and expertise. If they trust your opinion or expertise they’re more likely to engage your product or service.

The below are blog posting content strategies that you should be using to build trust with your blog, which ultimately means more business, sales, conversions, and business.

Case Study

Case studies are by far the most effective way to build trust using your blog. You are essentially showcasing some of your best work or results that you have achieved for other customers. A case study usually captures measurable metrics that your product or service improved.


Blog posts can be created to address one simple question. We build FAQ sections on many of our client websites. Taking a few questions and expanding them into a full blog post not only furnishes your blog with content, it also informs your prospective clients and customers. An FAQ’s objective is to overcome any objections that your ideal prospects may have – you should strive to answer their questions even before they have them. What does this do? It shows your prospective customers that your understand them. If a customer feels like you understand them, they see you as the best fit for their needs, as result they’re more likely to do business with you.

Action Item: Pick a questions from your FAQ page that you can expound and turn them into a blog post.


This would be the traditional content that you normally see on a blog. Write articles, but make them interesting for your potential customers. Your article should inform and persuade. Blog Post titles should be exciting, example: “5 Reasons why you are loosing money if you are using Traditional candles. #5 is shocking!”