Happy Labor day from My Website Created. We’re running a $85 Labor Day PPC marketing special that will benefit those targeting geographic areas to do business in.

What is PPC Marketing

PPC, or Pay Per Click marketing is when a user bids on search terms or keywords (hence the name pay per click) searched in search engine. Ads are placed along side natural search results and users only pay when their ad is clicked on.

For competitive search terms, users bidding higher amounts have their ads placed above others.

In this case, the search engines we’ll be using are Bing & Yahoo. When marketing to a specific location competition is less, meaning lower bids result in higher rankings.

For example: A barber shop in MD, Virginia owned by Joe runs a PPC campaign including the search term: “barbers in rockvile md”

When potential customers search for “barbers in rockvile md” Joe’s ads shows up

The Details of the Special:

We’re reserving $85 for our customers to test Pay Per Click marketing campaigns on Bing & Yahoo engines. If interested, you would pay for the total you’d like to spend on the ads and we’ll take care of getting the best ROI (return on investment) for the campaign.