How to Open A Support Ticket Print

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Open a support ticket to request technical assistance, website updates, or revisions. Support tickets can also be opened by My Website Created staff to request for content or clarifications.

1) To open a support ticket, navigate to the login screen and log in:

2) Click on the Open Ticket link in the menu section

3) Populate ticket fields

  • Subject: A title that describes your request
  • Department: Select the appropriate department (Technical Support, Website Maintenance & Support, etc)
  • Related Service: Select the service that the ticket is related to
  • Priority:┬áSelect the request's priority - Low, Medium, or High
  • Message:┬áThe body of your request, use to describe the request or issue
  • Attachments: Not required, but you are encouraged to upload pictures, screenshots or any other information that will assist in explaining the request or issue.

After populating the request fields, submit via the [Submit] button.

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